Matthew K. Sharp


Career Summary


The threat landscape is shifting at a blistering rate. To create sustainable value, and avoid earnings volatility organizations need a posture of resilience built through intentional allocation of scarce resources.

I am an organizational change catalyst laser focused on inspiring enterprise cyber resilience. This is achieved through piercing insights and profound relationships. Notably, my success as a security professional comes at the heels of a dogged persistence and intense discipline.

My business acumen, combines with a robust background in cyber security operations, sales, consulting, and management. This potent mix consistently results in harvesting tangible business outcomes measured in terms of revenue growth, cost avoidance, risk reduction and regulatory compliance.

Most recently I partnered to build a global information security program for multi-national, publicly traded firm. Specifically we established and enhanced programs including incident response, vulnerability management, third party risk, information governance, policy, intellectual property protection, brand presence monitoring, SOX & PCI compliance, and security awareness.

I have strengths divided into two (2) domains - Strategic Thinking / Executing.

Clifton StrengthsFinder Top 5:

  • Learner
  • Achiever
  • Context
  • Analytical
  • Discipline


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